Jasmine Marshall

Property Manager


The first thing you should know about Jasmine is that she was born and raised in Alice Springs, Central Australia. Coming from a landscape that is predominately red and blue, with just the occasional touch of green, Jasmine appreciates Auckland’s lush coastal beauty more than anyone else on the Taylor Rentals team.

A real go-getter with some great business education credentials, Jasmine worked in the recruitment sector before moving into property management. Her experience with matching people to positions is very helpful when it comes to matching tenants to properties.

Jasmine enjoys the daily challenges of property management, especially the problem-solving side of the job. Her high standards drive her to achieve the best-possible result for property owners, whether she’s organising trades people or handling a tenant complaint.

Beyond work Jasmine loves to explore New Zealand on foot. She’s always on for a new hiking trail, so let her know if you have a favourite. Jasmine and her partner James are now the proud owners of their own home.

“In this job you need to be both strong and kind. Sometimes you need to give a little bit, then other times you have to harden up and get things done. Always I’ve got my eye on the ideal outcome - my competitive nature drives me to achieve it.” 


  • 2017 - Executive Performer (NZ)
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