Jasmine Marshall

Property Manager


The first thing you should know about Jasmine is that she was born and raised in Alice Springs, Central Australia. Coming from a landscape that is predominately red and blue, with just the occasional touch of green, Jasmine appreciates Darwin's lush tropical coastal beauty more than anyone else.

A real go-getter with some great business and real estate credentials, Jasmine found her passion in Property Management and enjoys the daily challenges of property management, especially the problem-solving side of the job. Her high standards drive her to achieve the best-possible result for property owners, whether she’s organising trades people or handling a tenant complaint.

Beyond work Jasmine loves to explore the Northern Territory. She’s always on for a new hiking trail or 4WD track, so let her know if you have a favourite. 

“In this job you need to be both strong and kind. Sometimes you need to give a little bit, then other times you have to harden up and get things done. Always I’ve got my eye on the ideal outcome - my competitive nature drives me to achieve it.” 


  • 2017 - Executive Performer (NZ)
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