Applications for arts funding in the Northern Territory offer opportunities for artists

By Nick Syrimi

Arts funding is an important government contribution to an area's cultural and artistic development and should be embraced by the community to provide new expressions of community spirit. Artists living in property in Moil and surrounding areas could be interested in signing up for a piece of the $135,000 currently being offered to fund future projects. 

Minister for Arts and Museums Matt Conlan has invited people from across the state to get in touch and apply for the funding, which will close on 20 October 2014.

"Grants of up to $15,000 are available to support arts activities in all regions of the Northern Territory for research, development, promotion and presentation," said Mr Conlan in a 18 September statement.

"It will provide the successful applicants with new opportunities they might not have otherwise had while showcasing some of our great Northern Territory stories through arts and culture." 

If you're interested in these opportunities, get in touch with the Northern Territory Arts Grants Program and submit your application. There have already been a number of successful applications, including $15, 000 for Knock-em-Down Theatre for the development of a local play to be brought to the live stage. 

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