Australia Second Best Investment Locale in Asia Pacific

By Nick Syrimi

Australia has been designated as the second most attractive country for cross border investment in the Asia Pacific region.

According to CBRE’s Asia Pacific Investor Intentions Survey 2014, China is the only nation to beat out Australia in this regard.

“Despite some obstacles and threats, investors generally retained a positive outlook towards the Asia Pacific region’s longer term prospects,” said Greg Penn, managing director of capital markets in Asia for the organisation.

“Investors are not just planning to commit more capital to the region, they are looking to commit substantially more. The attractiveness of Asia Pacific as a region persists as a result of economic growth levels that remain higher than global averages, long-term demand for quality commercial property and rapid urbanisation.”

The mention of commercial real estate is especially important, as data from the survey indicated that investors are increasingly seeking out industrial assets. In fact, the Australian industrial and logistic sector was ranked as the most attractive country-based sector for investment, beating out even China.

This will likely only add to already high demand for small- and medium-sized industrial properties in Darwin.

However, investors with the opportunity to enter the Darwin commercial property market would be wise to keep these trends in mind when selecting potential assets.

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