Growing employment training highlights strengthening Northern Territory economy

By Nick Syrimi

The Northern Territory government plans to spend $86 million on developing the region's skill set in order to capitalise on the opportunities created by the state's economy, which was touted as one of the strongest in Australia. This could present a great opportunity for investment in Darwin commercial property heading into the future, with increasingly skilled employees looking for opportunities in the state. 

Minister for Employment and Training Dave Tollner said one of the biggest priorities across the Northern Territory was helping the development of the region's economy and overarching employment figures. In fact, the state has the highest vocational education and training participation rates of Australia – creating skilled professionals to aid the growth of the state's financial strength. 

Already, the Northern Territory's economy has been found to be particularly strong, however more skilled workers could boost that further. The recent CommSec State of the States report found business investment and economic growth were the Territory's strong points. 

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