HIA: New research highlights benefits of negative gearing

By Nick Syrimi

A recent release from the Housing Industry Association (HIA) has argued the benefits of negative gearing, which could be great for anyone considering purchasing investment property in Yarrawonga in the coming years. 

HIA Managing Director Shane Goodwin said that denying access to negative gearing in Australia would contribute to reduced investment and erode housing affordability, while pushing up asking rents across the country. 

"New housing is one of the most highly taxed sectors in the economy, and the removal of negative gearing would only make that situation worse and discourage investment. This would in turn reduce housing supply and increase the cost of renting," said Mr Goodwin in a 22 September statement. 

"Negative gearing promotes private investment in the rental market, thus stimulating economic activity and taking the pressure off social housing and the public purse."

Mr Goodwin went on to say these benefits would be useful for for the investors as well, with figures from the Australian Tax Office showing that 74 per cent of those who receive a rental income from investment property had a taxable income of less than $80,000.

As the traditionally strong spring sale seasons starts, now could be a great time to get in touch with a real estate expert to discuss the Northern Territory property options available to you across the region. 

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