New water initiative in Darwin aims to save residents money

By Nick Syrimi

A recent release from the Northern Territory government has highlighted plans to ease the cost of living for Darwin residents by cutting the cost of water in the region. This could be great news for residents of property in Winnellie over the coming months – especially those embracing a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Minister for essential services Willem Westra van Holthe said offering free three-star showerheads for people living in the Northern Territory capital was the first step towards pushing the new Living Water Smart campaign in the area. 

"Water efficient showerheads can make a huge difference to water consumption, saving thousands of litres annually. This easy to implement initiative will help residents save money on their water bill, as well as help stop water wastage," said Mr Westra van Holthe in a 10 November statement. 

"Using less water protects our precious natural resources while also saving money for customers and I hope everyone can take part in swapping their old for new." 

He pointed out that inefficient showerheads used up 20 litres of water per minute, while three-star fittings used up no more than 9 litres per minute. Pushing for water conservation nationwide is a great way to help families and households across Australia make a difference in the long run. 

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