Report highlights commercial prospects in Darwin

By Nick Syrimi

Many things can impact a region's commercial real estate market, and it's up to potential investors to keep an eye on developments that could benefit them.

In the case of Darwin, prospective growth could result from closer military ties between Australia and the US.

"The Barack Obama and Tony Abbott announcement that the two countries had reached agreement for an increased US military presence in Australia and particularly the Northern Territory confirmed what many of us suspected was going to occur," stated a report from Herron Todd White reviewing the nation's real estate prospects during the month of July.

"In my view the positives and flow on effect to the commercial and residential property sectors in the medium to long term cannot be understated."

The idea is that a stimulus of defence spending could result in commercial property becoming a hot commodity, whether it's warehouses in Pinelands or other types of industrial properties throughout the NT's capital city.

Together with a low interest rate environment and the fact that commercial property prices haven't surged quite as high as residential real estate over recent years, now might be the ideal time to explore commercial property investment in Darwin.

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