Report highlights hotel opportunities in Australia

By Nick Syrimi

Daily cleaning services, fresh towels whenever you want and even chocolate on your pillow – who doesn't love staying in a hotel from time to time?

Well, according to new data, investors might want to start looking at hotels as more than just a roof over their heads when they're travelling, especially if they're thinking of investing in Darwin commercial property.

A May report regarding Australian hotels showed that a lack of quality hotels in Australia could make them a commercial asset class for investors to watch, according to Savills.

And with the Northern Territory trying to boost tourism in the region, making hotels a part of your commercial property investment plan could be a lucrative move.

In fact, the NT government announced its intentions to launch new tourism marketing initiatives as far back as 3 April, based in part on the attention Australia was receiving during the Royal visit.

"The Royal visit will provide us with a wealth of material and opportunity to tap into our key market of the United Kingdom and entice more Brits to book a holiday to the NT," minister for tourism Matt Conlan said in a media release.

Mr Conlan went on to say the NT government would "leverage as many tourism benefits" as possible from the visit.

A push for more tourism combined with a tight hotel inventory should certainly give commercial property investors something to chew on.

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