Rising real estate sustainability recognised in Australia

By Nick Syrimi

A cleaner and greener Australian real estate industry has topped the latest Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark survey, which could be great news for buyers interested in securing their own slice of sustainable property in Moil. With a rising emphasis on protecting the planet and reducing Australian waste nationwide, this recognition could be a good sign for those sitting on the fence about buying. 

Property Council Chief Executive Ken Morrison said the latest report puts Australia ahead of countries in Asia, North America and Europe when it comes to sustainability in the nation's real estate industry. 

"The Australian property industry has invested heavily in innovation and new technologies to drive down its carbon emissions, reduce energy and water use, and limit waste," said Mr Morrison in a 10 September statement. 

Furthermore, the impressive number of sustainable initiatives being rolled out across the country by local and state government's is also encouraging – especially when the long term growth of the nation's cleaner, greener attitude is concerned. 

Now could be a great time to consider moving into Northern Territory property and adopting a more sustainable lifestyle for you and your family today. 

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