Upcoming red tape reduction highlights future commitment to construction

By Nick Syrimi

For those with the desire to construct commercial property in Darwin – or those simply interested in the region's economic future – the latest announcement from the Northern Territory government offers some insight into their plans for the future of the region. 

The plan is to create a new Construction and Development Advisory Council, which will be committed to making suggestions about red tape reduction and streamlining the state's future building and planning objectives. 

Northern Territory chief minister Adam Giles said that some of the issues the new agency will be in charge of include recent problems with timeliness in approval processes, difficulties in dealing government bodies and the regulatory uncertainty that comes with making moves into the construction sector. 

"We have already made huge inroads in streamlining our development processes however we continue to get complaints about red tape," said Mr Giles in a 17 October statement. 

"The Advisory Council is further proof that the government is serious about its commitment to reducing red tape for businesses throughout the Territory."

With the help of this new council, it should become far easier to make moves into the Northern Territory's real estate market and achieve your own commercial property goals. 

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